Smart Justice Makes Us Safer

Our crime problem is real! Every family in Hinds County should feel safe in their home and community.

But there are not any easy shortcuts to addressing crime. We need long lasting reforms to our criminal justice system. Hinds County needs SMART JUSTICE! 


As your next District Attorney, I will use the office to implement smart justice reforms that: 

 “Let's not just be tough on crime, but smart on crime. To make Hinds County safe, we must address issues that contribute to crime and not just lock people up."​

- Jody Owens

Establish a new re-entry program to help ex-offenders find jobs or continue their education. 

We cannot keep re-arresting the same men and women. Smart Justice means helping those that have served their time re-enter the workforce and become productive citizens.

  • As District Attorney, I will ensure my office works with local community colleges and alternative education programs to help enroll individuals in GED and/or community college courses.

  • The District Attorney’s office will develop relationships with trade schools to help connect individuals to programs that will enable them to re-enter the workforce. 

  • As District Attorney, I will identify and share resources related to housing, transportation, mental health services, and education with offenders exiting jail and prison. ​

Utilize mental health and rehab programs and drug courts so that people dealing with addiction and other issues can get the help and treatment they need.

It makes no sense to stack our jail with individuals that need treatment programs and counseling. 

  • I will work with the Hinds County Drug Court to continue to support the program and its participants in any way the District Attorney’s office can help support and expand the program’s resources.

  • I commit to partnering with local and state stakeholders to work to support a permanent mental health court as well as explore the creation of other specialty courts to provide treatment to individuals in the criminal justice system. 

  • As District Attorney, I will consider rehabilitation programs, mental health treatment, and other diversion programs as an alternative to incarceration for non-violent offenders. 

Provide greater support to crime victims and their families so that we can help rebuild families and communities hit by senseless violence.

It makes no sense to stack our jail with individuals that need treatment programs and counseling. 

  • As District Attorney, I will create mechanisms within the office to ensure that cases are prosecuted in a timely manner. My office will communicate with victims and their families about the status of the case and ensure they are aware of court proceedings. 

  • As Hinds County District Attorney, the office will continue to work with victims’ advocates’ organizations to ensure that victims and their families receive appropriate support. 

Work with clergy and community organizations to establish interventions that are outside the “traditional” criminal justice system but are more effective at reducing crime than prisons and courts.

We can work together to invest in educational, restorative justice, conflict resolution, and mental health programs that will make us all safer and save tax dollars.

  • Restorative justice programs offer an important opportunity for victims and offenders to come together in a structured environment to focus on healing and forgiveness. These programs have been implemented nationally and shown positive outcomes to reduce crime and positively impact community safety and relationships. 

  • As District Attorney, I will prioritize building relationships with organizations and churches throughout Hinds County to develop and implement programs to support community safety and accountability. 

  • Churches and community organizations are vital to the growth and vitality of Hinds County. They work tirelessly to provide various programming, including housing, food, job training, and counseling to community members. These services can provide critical support to individuals who are at-risk or have been previously involved with the criminal justice system and I will do everything I can to support them. 

Our focus on SMART JUSTICE also means more resources to fight violent crimes - murders, home invasions and shootings.  For the people that need to be in jail, we need to reduce the case back-log and get them behind bars faster! To get that done, we need a district attorney that’s not just tough but SMART on crime.